Who am I?

Hi. I'm Kim. Maker. Collector of stories. Chronicler of stuff. 

A little about me.  I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. Grandmother of three very wonderful children. I am a maker. I love animals, especially cats. (I have three and will introduce you to them soon) I am a survivor of domestic violence. MOST of all, I am a true lover of Jesus! 

I would say don't be fooled by the perfection portrayed on this blog, but I really do not think it will portray perfection! I haven't always been as together as this site may make me seem to be, I was in fact, very un-together. (Is that a word?) I struggled with many things in my 20's on up through my 30's, and I am very thankful for God's grace to see me through all those trials. (There were so many-I will talk more about that later)

I guess I could say that my turning point in life because when I was in my late 30's, and suddenly I decided I had no idea who this person was inside of my body! It definitely was not me! I finally started coming to terms with myself and loving me for who I really was, and most of all what I stood for, which was being honest and straight forward. At last I was finally good with me, and did not have the need to please or impress anyone. 

Ok. Ok. I really do not want to bore you with more of my story, so I will continue it, so to speak, as the need arises, in the blog! Until then, let see what we can make!