Who are we?

Hi, I'm Kim! Maker of crafts. DIYer of decor and renovation. Collector of Stuff. 

A little more about me! I am not perfect. NOT by a long shot. I spent the first 35 years, oh well, yes, closer to 40 years in turmoil. Some would say I abused alcohol. I was in a very violent relationship for 8 years! BUT that was then, this is now.  This is literally a couple of weeks ago! We decided on a whim after being outside all day in the yard to take a break and grab a bite to eat-so we did! That’s my angel-my rock, Gary  

It took me years to unlearn my ways of thinking and doing. I would NOT change a thing, and I know that everyone says that, but honestly I wouldn't change a thing. I became disabled due to the years of abuse. That is when I started crafting and making. I became a maker! I am severe adhd and I had too much time on my hands to not be doing something, since I couldn't work! First it was sewing, then painting, then the die machines, jewelry, shirts, signs....haha you get my point? I did everything I had a thought to do. Ohhhh, don't forget the diy decor and renovating! YES! I have dabbled hard with that as well, and that is the reason I am starting this blog! 

I started this blog to help people! I make tons of "things" and normally I do not sell them. I give them as gifts or keep them for myself! hahaha. So, I have had so many people ask me about how to do things, or how I made this recipe on the keto train, that I decided I would give it a shot! I had an online boutique for a while, but just kind of let it go away when my little granddaughter got tired of the bows. I made bows and diaper art and baskets and took them to fairs....but stopped doing that several years ago due to autoimmune problems. (Thats another post!) I never really did any blogging though when I had my store, so its really a first, I guess, for me. I will show instructions, tutorials, supply lists, etc to help as many as I can :) YES, I will have a contact us form as well for any questions or concerns you have!  Do you have a way I can improve? I would love to hear that as well!  

There goes that adhd again. Distraction. Sidetracked. Back to who we are. Here is my angel, Gary. We have been married for 9 years, and he is really my rock and support line. There has NEVER been a time when he says, don't do that or I don't think its a good idea. He always supports me on my wandering ideas, no matter how far off I wander to find them. He has had his own business for 35 years! During the recession about ten years ago, he almost lost it completely, but of course, God had him in the palm of his hands. We struggled, lost all his workers, and most of his equipment. We sold our farm and downsized, but here we are, doing pretty great, or good anyway :) God took care of us and I give noone but God that glory. In fact, if it weren't for God, I would most likely not be alive today. I know that! Adhd again.  And little bit, there with him, that's our little granddaughter! Her name is doodlebug! I couldn't ask for a sweeter grandchild. She is the best!  So this is the beginning. I look forward to blogging weekly on different ways of life! Remember this is a first for me, so again suggestions are welcome!

PS! Remember I’m just starting out so keep that in mind. Things may be ummmm, well, for lack of better word, very unorganized and chaotic at first! Like now.... I haven’t put any products up really, just a few and haven’t done any tutorials- BUT I WILL! It’s coming! I don’t even have subscribe button or anything yet-BUT I WILL SOON! 

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