Welcome to My heartfelt blog.

Welcome to My heartfelt blog, the blog for handmadeheartfeltcustoms.com. In  this blog, I will share what creativity is, from not only my point of view, but experts in the field of crafting and do it yourself. 

I will share not only creativity in crafts, but in all areas of life. I guess, its obvious, by now, that you will be reading about my views. I, not only welcome readers, but I love to have comments and feedback. 

Not only will you read about views, but you will see tutorials from me and others on a regular basis. This blog will entail what my life is about, from the heart. I am a maker. I make a little of everything, and as I do I will show you! Some of the things I have done, or am doing include shirts, jewelry, signs and ketogenic or super low carb recipes. 


One thing I will NOT do is push products to purchase! In fact my main goal is not to sell, but to help! I have a deep love for diy, crafting and the ketogenic diet! I hope to share all I know so that you can learn or  possibly teach me something! 

Before you leave, please subscribe for news, and whats happening next! I look forward to getting to know each and every reader on a personal level through comments, feedback and questions. Thank you so much for reading My Heartfelt Blog

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