My personal thoughts on cricut infusible ink.

Who out of my friends have a cricut? Who wants a cricut?

First it was all these different colors in the air 2. No, now that I think about it... why the need for the explore, the air, then the air 2? There’s not really much of a difference in those three.

Then the easy press and the easy press 2? Why not perfect it the first time? So here are the differences in the easy press and easy press 2.

So then they come out with the maker. Its the ultimate cutter so no more machines. Now its the infusible ink system which is like sublimation printing that you can use with your machine. Whoa!!!! Cool right?!? 

Nope because you have to use their blanks - shirts etc. I don’t really see how they can make sure you do that but that is what I was told. I couldn't get a definite answer because they sure weren't answering anything about having to use their blanks. If I want to do sublimation printing, which I may, I will buy a sublimation printer.  I'm not that big on doing t-shirts at all. Period. Sure I was at first, but it wore off quickly.  So, all the hype had me until I found out it was a sublimation type thing. I was really hoping for an engraver, so I could get better results than I get with my dremel. 

Now.... honestly.... why do you need to come out with 15 different colors for the same machine???? It is a vinyl cutting machine, right??? Get the color of vinyl you want and cover the one you have!!

Maybe I will get a scan n cut by brother or I heard silhouette is coming out with a new machine.... maybe I will get it? Or maybe I will just go to hobby lobby and buy the sign. Idk.

I guess Im just trying to help if anyone is considering getting a cricut. I can say that there is not much difference in the explore, and the air. The air has two places for tools, so you don't have to manually switch from cutting to writing. You can buy an attachment on amazon instead of buying a new machine. The air  has blue tooth capability, that wasn't great. I still couldn't walk out of the room to cut, and who would really want to???? You would still have to get up and take it off the machine to start the next cut. Ok, so the air2, its supposed to cut quicker than the air. If it is, I sure couldn't tell, but what I could tell is it was alot louder than the original air.

If you are going to buy a cricut, and I do, by the way, recommend you do so, you should probably get a maker. Its top of the line ultimate cutting machine. The maker comes equipped with an adaptable tool system. What does that mean??? Well it means that it can tap into all the new technology as it comes!! So, even if it seems that Cricut is hitting the ground running with a new product every other week, at least you won't have to buy a new machine every other week!

All I do know is when I bought my machine I bought it for personal use and to make gifts. I really didn’t want to feel like I had to sell my stuff to be able to afford my hobby that I have had for years. LUCKILY, there are so many things you can make with the cricut, really the opportunities are endless, so if you need to sell, you can surely do so!

I am just as happy today about my maker as I was the day I bought it!

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